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  • queens gammit for EB-5 visa

    PRC invest into USA via EB-5 Visa

    Peoples Republic of China (PRC) tax law has the passive income disclosure rule There are new rules on how to invest overseas and you can take it that all forms of overseas investment structures or forms should be regarded as reportable and a Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) except for one. For investment capital outside […]

  • pawn against queen - offshore companies

    Offshore Companies and FATCA

    Structuring Business Ownership of Offshore Companies with FATCA Compliance There is a misunderstanding as to what type of businesses the U.S. provides tax deferral overseas. Is it a trading company or a company dealing in capital overseas? The fact is that the U.S. provides tax deferral on overseas trading businesses but not on overseas firms […]

  • four-knights - 402(b)

    The Legal Basis of a 402(b)

    The legal basis for a 402(b) client really boils down to two things that count. One is that there needs to be growth (contributions) rather than a capital injection. Secondly, is the W8 BEN-E. The client needs to have somebody who is able to sign it. Whether it is you or me or someone else […]

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