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  • chess in china - offshore investing

    PRC Offshore Life Insurance Marketing

    The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are pressuring the Peoples Republic of China to get corruption and bribery out of their tax system and the illicit transfer of money abroad. The intermediaries they are dealing with are themselves committing criminal offence. It is a criminal offense to deal with money or assets of […]

  • Stamp from Deutsche Post AG from 2002, Board game - IRA

    IRA Experts Guide

    Your IRA “Carte Blanche Card” to Invest in a Tax-Free Environment The only financial transactions overseas that can efficiently deal in USD on behalf of U.S. persons is a Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) which is FATCA compliant, has a FATCA identification number and is authorized to sign a W-8BEN-E box 29e. That document is required […]

  • Pawn and rook - Secrecy & Privacy

    IRS Acknowledged Secrecy & Privacy

    Asset Protection You Can Trust While this IRS recognized and FATCA registered foreign retirement plan has been available since 1986, it has only recently gained prominence due to globalization of the economy and workforce, transparency in reporting and recognition of the tax protection provided in Double Tax Agreement, Tax Information Exchange Agreement and the Foreign […]

  • Chess - China

    Family’s from the Peoples Republic of China HNWI Investing Overseas

    This government regulated and registered ORS402(b) corporate legal framework is tax recognized secret and private by the Peoples Republic of China.

  • P Bordone chess

    Foreign Retirement Plan Corporate Legal Framework

    This Foreign retirement plan corporate legal framework is the only solution to the IRS rulings in 2014 that demolish U.S. situs deferred compensation structures of working members of limited partnership (LLC/LLP) and the IRS Chief Counsel advises members may be subject to self-employment tax.

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