Paul Okulov

Director of Marketing Asia

Paul Okulov provides support in Asia for IFA’s and Property companies for the registration, design, funding, operation and full service administration of U.S. Title 26 section IRC 402(b) compliant foreign retirement plans for U.S. persons and for persons or foreign financial institution transacting in U.S. Dollar that is Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act registered as ”Deemed Compliant”.

Paul has studied continuously in Sales, Marketing and Business Management which enables him to assist clients to use these techniques to help them grow their businesses. He has also held SFC and HKCIB licences in Hong Kong so he is familiar with the Regulatory environment in the region.

With over 30 years experience in the Banking, Finance and Insurance industry (B2B and B2C) Paul has a wealth of knowledge to enable him to provide excellent support to Fairbrook Alliance clients. Paul’s experience includes 20 years in Australia and 10 years as an IFA in Asia servicing expat clients in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

His Mission is to provide Fairbrook Alliance clients with a focal point of contact and build long standing profitable relationships. Paul can provide support in evaluating Alternative Cross Borders Tax Compliant Financial Solutions accessed by means of a Private Placement Open Architecture Life or Annuity Policy and/or International Retirement Plan Tax Treaty Network Structuring. With a wide network of Attorneys, Accountants, Asset Managers, Trustee’s and other Financial Service providers Cross Borders, we can assist you to tailor each client’s own ideal Financial Solution.

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