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Deferred Tax Planning Knowledge

Glass Chess Set - taxFairbrook Alliance is a team of professionals whose mission is to expand and promote international retirement planning as an advisory niche.

This group of advisers are at the forefront regarding international tax compliance, disclosure and financial transparency for cross-border retirement planning and have achieved specialist knowledge to meet the critical retirement planning solutions needed by multi-national companies to integrate mobility and talent while providing their employees a cohesive benefit plan to afford retirement.

The following (list) are some of the tax and legal issues, to which specialist knowledge is required.

Deferred Tax Planning

Title 26 U.S. Tax Code
IRC 409A
IRC 457A
IRC 402(b)
IRC 953(d)
IRC Section 7702
IRC Section 72
IRS Investor control Doctrine
IRC Section 817
IRC Revenue Ruling 2003-91
IRC Revenue Rulings on Investor Control
IRC Section 83
DTA Article 18
HMRC s.615
Foreign Retirement Plan Contracts of the 70 member Countries of the
International Network of Pension
Regulators and Supervisors (INPRS)
International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS)
IRS Cross Borders Regulations, Rules and Commentaries
ORSO Exemption Trust
IORP Directive 2003/41/EC
Securities Law
Equities Law
Fudiciary Law
Contract Law
PFIC Rules
UBIT Rules
IRS Form 8621
IRS Form 8957
IRS Form 8938
IRS Form 3520

Knowledge of all of the above is the message in my book! Contact us today and we’ll send you a copy.

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