Family’s from the Peoples Republic of China HNWI Investing Overseas

This government regulated and registered ORS402(b) corporate legal framework is tax recognized secret and private by the Peoples Republic of China.

Privacy and Secrecy in an ORS402(b) Financial Account is Formally Recognized by All Governments including the People Republic of China and the United States of America for Tax Deferral.
  • Keep your work and family money private and secure.
  • In a formal plan that is recognized by governments as deferred income on gains and accumulations is registered in Hong Kong Law that is recognized by the Peoples Republic of China.
  • This holds your work and family money privately and safely for you and your family in amounts without limits.

Where money is invested or how it is invested is not a tax or exchange control issue it is a matter for that member’s own good judgment. It is not a manipulation of exchange control law. It is purely an investment account where the individual is subscribing via a Shanghai broker to be a Hong Kong retirement plan member.

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