IRS 402(b) Audit Reporting

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Your supporting each member’s choice to have individual control over their own future financial security is paramount to their lifetime achievement goals.

Establishing a plan for your Champions and talented staff members to have pre-tax contributions to a deferred income program and deferred income accumulations increases their yield on investments and reduces their cost of tax by typically 2/3rd’s over a 25 year period.

It is inevitable that with the purpose to progress your companies own remuneration and deferred compensation benefit plan the first step is for us to help you to manage your expectations. I am sure you have already experienced the importance of that step during the process of establishing your business.

The way to manage this successfully is to actually just to leave the money aside for just a moment. What we need to do at this point is to go through this program with your auditors because it is inevitable that you will be subject to audit. Therefore it is best to begin at the end audited value of this program rather than beginning with each members benefit values , of which there are more than 52 listed in our book.

U.S. and International Tax Counsel walk your auditors through what this is about because we have done this before. There it is in the law. We walk them through this from our experience and absolutely from their ”auditor’s own book”. It is because they haven’t said anything means by definition they have no experience. Your Tax Counsel guides have years of experience and show your auditors how to handle it.

This process is not complicated. It is complicated if you want to involve people who do not know what they are doing and have had no experience with it before. To pay those without experience to supervise those with experience impedes the process. We tell your auditors what is going to happen and why. It does require proper advice and proper procedure.

All attorneys cost less because they have specialist knowledge and experience with 402(b) solutions. Which means that delivering the outcome of your program is because these attorneys know what you want accomplished.

There is a lot of technical information to cover and therefore, let’s be disciplined about it and take your auditors through that process.

This first phase is a proposal based on the reality of what we have done before and therefore we have costs. This benefit is the profound part of your serious business and to be profound about it and work legitimately this technology demands the attention of those who have the knowledge of the law and the experience with that law.

The second phase is the custodian.

The third phase is the administration and you need a legal framework that draws it all together.


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