IRS 402(b) Audit Reporting Workshop

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The rules governing retirement plan fiduciaries encourage us to explain this IRS 402(b) foreign retirement plan technical aspects, corporate legal framework, legal basis, governance rules, reporting and tax responsibilities of the employer and employee at both the financial institution and individual compliance level.

Audit – The legal basis, governance and rules:

What we do at this workshop is go through this deferred income program with your team of auditors because our experienced tax counsel can demonstrate straight forward regulatory reporting and tax compliance.

Creating an IRC 402(b) to generate tax breaks is the wrong way to go about it. Creating tax breaks is not smart. Attorneys do need to look at the entire business to see if there is a legal basis to set up this income deferred foreign retirement plan.

The consequences under tax and securities laws for not being an occupational retirement plan are quite severe. Therefore, it is best to begin at the tax audit and reporting compliance end of this program rather than beginning with the employer and employee benefits of which there are many non tax reasons.

Throughout the world occupational retirement plans are regulated, registered and recognized by Governments. It is essential they are fully compliant, both structurally and operationally.
It is in regards to the work of people that the laws give favorable tax treatment.

The International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) covers this whole area, and also if you look at the E.U. Directive itself the whole idea behind these laws and legal concepts is primarily to do with people’s work.

What these governments are saying is that if you are going to work and you save part of that income for retirement then we will give you legal breaks on that money because it is different than other types of money. As a result this matrix of laws is designed to give preferential treatment not only to the retirement plan as a structure but also to what the fund can do with that money, how they invest and how membership can be protected.

Regulatory Reporting:

What needs to be done is to walk your auditors through what this is about with those who have done this before from experience and absolutely from their own ”auditor’s book”. This financial entity is regulatory driven. Tax advisors who promote capital entities that are not regulatory driven by definition means they have no experience.

This process is not complicated. It is complicated if you want to involve people who do not know what they are doing and have had no experience with it before. To pay those without experience to supervise those with experience impedes the process. This workshop delivers the experience

Auditors need to be told what is going to happen and why

It does require proper advice and proper procedure. When a law firm with experience gives advice then the rest will all fall in place.

All attorneys that have specialist knowledge and experience with 402(b) solutions cost less. Which means that delivering the outcome of your workshop is because the attorneys know what you need to accomplish and are experienced.

Some accountants look at tax and they say ” I will do the filings for you”. Tax consulting requires the legal, technical and operational knowledge that comes from experienced tax counsel.

This audit reporting workshop is both technical and practical

This workshop is based on the reality of what has been done before and therefore there are costs. This is the profound part of serious business and to be profound about it and work legitimately this technology demands an Audit Reporting Workshop concession.

There is a lot of technical information to cover and therefore, let’s be disciplined about it and go through that process together.

No work will be performed until you have both signed and returned this agreement, along with an advance payment of U.S. Dollar 3,500.00 to go through the IRS 402(b) foreign deferred compensation and remuneration program with those who you invite to attend.

  1. Fairbrook Alliance is responsible to interface with the Foreign Retirement Plan 402(b) administrator and the workshop is overseen by international lawyers who have the 402(b) foreign retirement plan experience.
  2. What you can expect from us: We walk your auditors through the law and what this is about from our experience with the law. We tell your auditors what is going to happen and why. We provide proper advice and proper procedures by the auditors own book. We are disciplined to cover all of the criteria and technical information and to deliver tax and reporting compliance.
  3. We advise the technical, operational and legal issues so that you may evaluate how you have achieved outcome of the workshop. Your workshop is prescribed by a tax attorney and overseen by the legal team who developed the operational framework of the 402(b) plan. Which means that the delivery of your audit reporting workshop is because the attorneys know what you need to accomplish.
  4. Each specific employer and employee financial situation is a complex matter involving laws across multiple jurisdictions including international retirement plan law, domestic tax law, tax treaties, intergovernmental agreements, anti-money laundering rules, full disclosure rules, income tax, and estate tax.
  5. We share case study technical details that relate to retirement plan structuring accomplished by other attorneys in our network of experienced tax, legal and financial professionals. Specific client information will remain confidential and privately held at all times.
  6. We specify the legal basis for contributing to this Foreign Retirement Plan 402(b), which is required by tax law and puts your knowledge on firm footing.
  7. We document U.S. and Foreign law firms who understand and have the experience with setting up this specific corporate legal framework and operational structure.
  8. We provide a 245 page book-see Table of Contents
  9. Confidential and private means that Fairbrook Alliance will be responsible to maintain the security and privacy of your business, relationships and/or network.
  10. What we expect from you: Firstly, the quality of our work is based on the quality of the questions that you provide us. Our experience tells us what questions you will be asked and need to know. You will be well prepared to address financial issues with answers to technical and operational questions. When you have considerations please address those to us as they might arise.
  11. In order for our training and educational process to work effectively, you must be open to us in all discussions. In order to demonstrate the IRS Audit Reporting, we need to have all criteria that is a part of your consulting systems and process to effectively prescribe and provide analysis to complete the demonstration of financial reporting and tax compliance.

The fee for your IRC 402(b) foreign regulated, registered and recognized occupational retirement plan IRS Audit Reporting Workshop is U.S.D. 3,500.00

We understand that this is the only work covered by the current fee and fully understand that, if we request an extension to the scope of works beyond that described here, Fairbrook Alliance will be entitled to charge an additional fee.

Fairbrook Alliance reserve the right to withdraw from this agreement by returning the entire fee to you.


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