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Reduce the Cost of Tax

How to Reduce the Cost of Tax in 2017

Two Resolutions for New Year 2017 that Guarantee to Reduce the Cost of Tax 1) Deferral of tax on carried interest reduces the cost of tax. Here is how to extend the tax holiday on carried interest retained offshore. The total estimate of carried interest that will be taxed in 2018 is between one billion […]

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Olympic Games Ladder, Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong

With over 230,000 financial services professionals, 159 banks (including 70 out of the world’s 100 largest), and over 9,000 registered lawyers working at some 822 law firms, our Hong Kong Trust Members are spoilt for financial choice and legal advice. Standard & Poor’s rates Hong Kong at AAA. Moody’s awards it Aa1 and Fitch AA+. […]

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An Englishman and Asian man under an arbor playing chess and Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images An Englishman and Asian man under an arbor playing chess and both smoking the hooka. Coloured aquatint by T. Rickards, c. 1804, after C. Gold. 1804 By: Charles Goldafter - UK Pension

Export a UK Pension

HMRC cannot restrict transfer of UK pension funds HMRC rules specifically states that you do not need to leave the U.K. to transfer your pension funds. Which means the HMRC cannot restrict transfer of pension funds. A transfer payment may be made either to the scheme administrator including persons responsible for administration of the QROPS, […]

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How to Win the Money Game

The Prevailing Principle to Win the Money Game The Power of Compounding Pre-Tax Contributions and Accumulations: For example, a 10% return over 30 years will produce 4 times the accumulation of a 5% return. With marginal income tax rates approaching or exceeding 50 percent, interest in tax deferral has spiked. Many are familiar with the […]

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Benjamin Franklin playing chess - Tax Saving Benefits

Tax Saving Benefits too Good to be True

This 402(b) begins with a Foreign Company business expense deduction of contributions to this specific 402(b) Foreign Government regulated, registered and recognized retirement plan. Which means the contribution is not on the company’s books as an asset and the company can never get the money returned. (remember this is a foreign company not a US […]

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