Asset Protection

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We provide a One World USA Passport solution to holding and reporting global investments without the expense of a Tax Attorney, Tax Consultant or Tax Filer Because the Whose is it? What is it? Why is it? Where is it? All Tax Deferred is all managed by Single Entry reporting!

Ideal for those people who want to structure a tax complaint mobile employee retirement plan to cross USA, EEA, or other borders

A Regulator provides recognized asset protection that you can trust

Trusts Provide Asset Protection which is EXPOSED to Judges.

Is the following list what you seek for the safety of YOUR Assets?

  • Control over your annual taxable income
  • IRS Tax Reporting Transparency (the IRS knows what it is)
  • Supported by Government Regulator and by Governance Internationally
  • Governance Protection against liability in lawsuits, bankruptcy and tax liens
  • Registered Privacy through a nominee account with separation of legal ownership
  • All forms of assets can be protected
  • Global Investment Selection without USA Person Restrictions
  • Simple Tax Reporting

Some of the above benefits could be explained by an attorney by means of a trust, Spendthrift Trust, Grantor Trust, an Offshore Trust, Land Trust, Family Partnership, Foundation, Offshore Company-IBC, LLC or LTC and that these might be recognized in a court but Trusts, Partnerships, Foundations and Companies leave your assets EXPOSED TO JUDGES. None of these attorney defined structures have a government Regulator, which also explains why there is no license required to sell them.

In today’s unwaveringly turbulent economy, it is expected that those with valuable assets will go to extreme lengths to protect them, for their own benefit, and to bequeath them to their loved ones after their own usage. We specialize in IRS Tax Code and Asset Protection Law which achieve real asset protection objectives.

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